The main tool in this process is MRV software (emissions monitoring, verification and reporting system), which companies use to analyse ground and satellite data, as well as apply artificial intelligence and high-precision technologies to conduct large-scale diagnostics.

MRV is an integral part of carbon and ecosystem markets.

As the development of regenerative agriculture is an urgent task, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) are becoming critical components of any platform or corporation that has committed to being part of the solution.

Carbon markets: Evaluation of data from agricultural enterprises to obtain emission certificates.

Agri-food companies: Monitoring supply chains, ensuring transparency and opportunities to monetise ecosystem services.

Regulators: Evaluating farmers’ responses to subsidy programmes.

NGOs: Monitoring of water quality risk management measures.


Remote sensing enables large-scale and reliable detection of key indicators, such as the use of cover crops, no-till and crop rotation, which are key principles of regenerative agriculture.